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Devotions or Devotion? by Keith Green
Price now: $2.99
It's not necessarily the things we do that please God, but the reasons we do them. In this teaching Keith challenges us to look at the motives of our heart. Time: 1 hour 15 min. (also available on CD and DVD)

Happy Birthday to You (Jesus) by NEW Song by Keith Green
Price now: $1.29
Download this MP3 - Never before released! Song, "Happy Birthday to You (Jesus)" plus a 7 minute message by Keith about Christmas, as well as a 4 color PDF with his testimony, his article Christmas Mourning and an excerpt from No Compromise by Melody Green!

The Man Behind the Message by Keith Green
Price now: $2.99
"I'm not called to be a prophet, I'm called to be a Christian - a servant of the living God! To live up to that wonderful word - that is my only goal." - Keith Green Run Time: 1 hour 20 min

What's Wrong with the Gospel? by Keith Green
Price now: $4.99
A plea to return to the pure Gospel - Keith explains what has been added, and deleted from the Biblical Gospel message. Run time: almost 4 hours

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